What Is

Emotional Sensitivity?


Discover why Emotional Sensitivity isn’t a weakness— it’s a gift
of creativity, influence and power.

At one time, Emotional Sensitivity was believed to be a weakness. However, new work into Emotional Sensitivity reveals that Emotionally Sensitive People aren’t just overly-emotional, “touchy” or “hyper-sensitive.”

Without knowing it, they actually possess an incredible gift of creativity, intelligence and intuition. And when Emotionally Sensitive People combine this gift with drive, it becomes an asset that leads to influence, wealth, success and status.

Discovering The World Of Emotional Sensitivity

Growing up in a highly-emotional family, Dr. Tracy Thomas, ( also known as, “Dr. T”), has always been interested in the effects of Emotional Sensitivity. “Even from a young age, I noticed how damaging Emotional Sensitivity is. When Emotionally Sensitive People are fighting out-of-control emotions, it destroys everything around (and within) them,” she says.

As an Emotionally Sensitive Person herself, she also struggled with the destructive cycle of Emotional Sensitivity first hand.

Determined to help herself, her family and other Emotionally Sensitive People, Dr. T pioneered the study of Emotional Sensitivity, becoming the world’s first Emotional Scientist. She has developed the only comprehensive Emotional Strength Training Programs that turn Emotional Sensitivity into the asset it really is. Also a Licensed Clinical Psychologist, Behavior Change Specialist and Interventionist, she now specializes in helping highly-driven, Emotionally Sensitive People harness their emotions, build emotional strength and elevate their lives. 

The Link Between Emotional Sensitivity, Influence And Power

It’s no coincidence that high-level Emotionally Sensitive People are the planet’s powerful creators. “With an ability to feel everything deeply, they can develop heightened intuition, intelligence and creativity— especially when they harness their emotions intentionally,” Dr. T says. 

Influential and powerful, their giant emotions operate like an amplifier, inspiring millions of people to help them bring their vision to life. It’s why many become thought leaders and visionaries who revolutionize leadership, transform industries and shape the future. 

However, because they feel with such intensity, their emotions often rule their lives. Daily life can become an unending internal battle. Constantly reacting to situations and suppressing emotions, everyday is a relentless fight to gain emotional control— even though they’re accomplished and highly-successful. 

According to Dr. T, “Despite their achievements, their time and energy is busy managing their emotions, lowering their productivity and performance. Because their goals are so important to them, this creates added stress and can destroy their confidence and self-worth.” 

Unable to fully harness their emotional strength, stress amplifies, triggering a destructive cycle of self-sabotage. Emotional distress escalates, which triggers the mental, emotional and physical disease process. “Most Emotionally Sensitive People have no clue that Emotional Sensitivity is the reason they have stomach issues, anxiety, depression, allergies, fatigue or insomnia. Some of them take prescriptions for years, not realizing that they’re only treating the symptoms— not the cause” Dr. T says. 

For many, the only way to get through the day is through self-medication. Wanting to “shut off” their emotions, they turn to drugs, alcohol, food, shopping, gambling or more, leading to addictions, family breakdowns and lost business opportunities.

Because Emotionally Sensitive People struggle to direct their emotions with intention, their emotions become uncontrollable, creating lasting trauma that robs potential, saps energy and blunts impact. With damaged relationships, low self-esteem and dysfunction that spills into every area, life can spiral into darkness. At worst, the Emotionally Sensitive Person can feel isolated, lost or even suicidal.

Eventually, daily life becomes an emotional rollercoaster, and a constant source of progressive pain and suffering. 

The Massive Cost Of
Emotional Sensitivity
Even at the highest levels, unharnessed Emotional Sensitivity has devastating costs. Emotionally Sensitive People spend incredible amounts of money, energy and time trying to manage their reactions and emotions, which blocks their ability to fulfill their potential. Focused on pushing through, they also engage in destructive habits that work, at first, to curb the pain, but eventually become problematic. Mental health begins to decline. Their bodies begin manifesting symptoms in response to the prolonged stress and trauma. Masking their emotions, this never-ending cycle of self-sabotage soon progresses to:
  •  Addictions to alcohol, substances, shopping, gambling, social media, pornography, food and more
  • Substance abuse and/or medication dependence
  • Self-harm
  • Disordered eating including overeating, restriction, binging, purging, and/or orthorexia
  • Obesity and/or chronic yo-yo dieting
  • Mental Health issues such as anxiety, depression, ADHD, obsessive behaviours, compulsions, codependency, shame, and other distressing emotions
  • Serious physical conditions such as:
    • Autoimmune conditions
    • Allergies and/or skin conditions
    • Gastrointestinal conditions like Leaky Gut Syndrome, Food Intolerances, Heartburn, Ulcers and more
    • Fatigue and exhaustion
    • Sensory
    • Sensitivity to sounds, sights, smells, and chemicals
  • Relationship breakdowns with peers, coworkers, family and friends
  • Protective strategies like isolation and avoidance
  • Missed business prospects and lost influence, success and/or power
  • Financial disasters, loss of wealth and diminished earning capacity
  • Loss of time, opportunities and life experiences
  • And more

Desperate for support and advice, many Emotionally Sensitive People spend millions (and years of their lives) looking for help. 

From clinicians, therapists, recovery experts, life, health and business coaches, they bounce from professional to professional, never finding relief. Dr. T adds, “Because Emotional Sensitivity isn’t widely understood, many service providers target symptoms that only mask the underlying problem, leaving Emotionally Sensitive People to suffer alone.” And because these “coping techniques” and surface-level strategies do nothing to help, they fall deeper into the cycle of addiction, destruction and self-sabotage.

Stuck in this spiral, Emotionally Sensitive People lose more than they realise. They not only lose money on ineffective treatments, they financially bleed from the ongoing, compounding and draining expense of Emotional Sensitivity. 

“There’s a huge web of impact, effort, time, energy and hard costs to Emotional Sensitivity,” Dr. T says. 

Even simple tasks, she says, take more time to complete. Because they feel at such a deep level, it takes a humongous amount of energy to manage their emotions. Overstimulated and overloaded, it can feel like they’re barely surviving– even when they’re highly successful. 

Which is why they often react to situations, suppress their emotions or emotionally explode.  They create chaos. And since it’s difficult for Emotionally Sensitive People to deal with people and situations effectively, a growing pile of problems crops up. 

For example: if a deadline is missed, they worry about addressing it in a conversation, procrastinating even more. If they’ve had an argument with their partner, they’re consumed by thoughts of the fight. Instead of having the laser-focus they need to achieve their goals, their time and energy is lost. 

 “Distracted and overwhelmed, Emotionally Sensitive People lose countless hours every day. And if they add up all the time and opportunities they’ve lost because of it, they’d be shocked. For most of my clients, it adds up to millions of dollars in lost productivity, performance and revenue” Dr. T says. 

But money isn’t the only thing Emotionally Sensitive People lose. According the Dr. T, “Emotional Sensitivity doesn’t just hurt their bank account– it takes years off their lives.”

Eventually, if not properly dealt with, Emotional Sensitivity leads to disastrous costs like broken families, failing businesses and even serious health conditions. Constantly stressed and traumatized with destructive habits to cope, the risk of serious illness climbs.

From allergies to weight issues to gastrointestinal disorders and autoimmune conditions, Emotional Sensitivity begins harming the physical body and, on top of the emotional and mental turmoil, life becomes unbearable.

Instead, she says that, “Emotional Sensitivity must be addressed at the source to stop the disease and dysfunction.”

Why Emotional Sensitivity Is A Gift— Not A Weakness

As an Emotionally Sensitive Person herself, Dr. T began studying Emotional Sensitivity as a small child. Living in a highly-emotional household, she observed the devastating cost of Emotional Sensitivity. From addictions, wasted time, broken relationships, lost promotions, excess spending, missed opportunities, and overindulging in everything, her family struggled– all from out-of-control emotions.

However, after a powerful self-journey and work with multiple celebrities, executives, leaders, and professionals, she discovered that Emotional Sensitivity, when combined with intention and drive, transforms Emotionally Sensitive People into the most extraordinary humans.

“When Emotionally Sensitive People harness their emotions effectively and direct their intentions purposefully, their depth of sensitivity elevates their intelligence, creativity and intuition,” she says. “They can use their powerful creative capacity to create the life they’ve always wanted.”

That’s when highly-driven Emotionally Sensitive People become the powerful creators they’re meant to be. They become humanity’s most important contributors– instead of contributing to the chaos of humanity.  Connecting with people deeply, they become leaders with the relational ability to stir hearts and souls. 

And because they see what most people don’t, they crystallize their vision, becoming the movers and shakers who shape the world. 

They also don’t waste anymore money, energy or time on emotional management. Suddenly, they’re free to maximize their productivity and performance. They become more powerful, self-connected, and influential. Unleashing their full potential, these emotionally strong yet highly-driven Emotionally Sensitive People become some of the most accomplished and impactful people on the planet.

How To Turn Your Emotional Sensitivity Into Epic Emotional Strength

So, how can you harness your Emotional Sensitivity and turn it into your greatest strength? How can you give, receive and achieve MORE than you ever thought possible?

It starts with learning The Method developed by Dr. T. The Method is designed so you rapidly break the cycle of self-sabotage created by Emotional Sensitivity. Soaring above just “coping,” you’ll no longer suppress emotions, react impulsively or emotionally explode. Building a solid emotional foundation, every area of life dramatically improves. By breaking free from the prison of uncontrollable emotions, you’ll become the emotionally strongest version of yourself. You’ll wield your Emotional Sensitivity with mastery and direct it with purpose. 

You’ll elevate your life, enjoying the ability to choose exactly how you want to live.

Because you don’t have to be enslaved by your emotions; you don’t need to mask them with self-medication or suffer the disease and dysfunction that Emotional Sensitivity creates. You can be free. You can be authentically, unapologetically you.

By finally addressing the root cause of your Emotional Sensitivity, you’ll be liberated from addictions, hopelessness, underperformance, weight issues, mental and physical health conditions and more in just months— not years like most therapies, treatments or programs.

Turning your Emotional Sensitivity into your greatest strength, you’ll experience more influence, health, wealth and power. 

Whether you want to elevate your status or become an inspiring leader to your family, community or business, you’ll have the emotional foundation to create the life of your dreams.  A life of impact. Accomplishment. Legacy. 

No longer driven by reactions and emotions, you’ll be free to make the contribution you’ve always dreamed possible. With Epic Emotional Strength, you’ll become unstoppable.

Stop Reacting
Elevate Your Life

Break the cycle of self-sabotage in just months rather than the years it takes most clinicians, therapists, recovery experts and coaches to achieve.




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