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How Will You Elevate Your Life?

Exclusive Private Coaching With Dr. T

Are you a highly-driven top-performer who knows they could achieve so much MORE without self-destructive, unproductive emotions and behaviors sabotaging your life?

Rapidly eliminate emotional struggles, addictions, mental health challenges and more with Dr. T’s premium, customized coaching— elevating you into the powerful, influential, global leader you’re meant to be.

VIP Group

Designed for massive results, this VIP coaching offers the groundbreaking power of Dr. T’s methodology in an intimate group setting.

In this comprehensive program, you’ll rapidly rise from emotional reactivity and harness your emotions into your greatest strength, becoming the most productive, consistent and effective person you know.

Community-Led Self-Empowered Coaching

Radically transform your life with The Dr. T Solution© — the only Emotional Strength Training Program worldwide that transforms you into your own therapist, counsellor, coach, and source of power.

Strongly supported by community leadership, this empowering emotional program gives you Dr. T’s entire revolutionary framework so you rise from any emotional struggle, fulfilling your life’s purpose and potential.

You’re a leader. An artist. A visionary with purpose. Feeling everything intensely, your Emotional Sensitivity gives you heightened creativity and intelligence. Your depth lets you see and impact the world like never before.


It’s why Emotionally Sensitive People like you are the planet’s powerful creators– you’re pioneers and innovators– you’re the trailblazers of industry, improving human lives.

However, your Emotional Sensitivity is a double-edged sword. When undirected, your emotions (instead of your intentions), become the driving force in your life. Reacting to situations and suppressing emotions, your Emotional Sensitivity creates a devastating cycle of trauma.

For highly-driven Emotionally Sensitive People like you, this emotional rollercoaster leads to devastating outcomes like addictions, mental/physical health concerns, weight issues, broken relationships, missed business opportunities, emotional bankruptcy and more.

And even though you’re outwardly successful, the constant battle for emotional control robs you of your full potential and impact.

The key is harnessing your emotions effectively so your Emotional Sensitivity can become the gift it truly is— an asset for increased productivity, influence, wealth and power.

Harness Epic
With Dr. T

If you read Dr. T’s case studies and testimonials, you’ll discover that even the most complex cases have become her success stories.

You can work directly with Dr. T inside her exclusive, premium offer, or in one of her programs with her highly-skilled coaches. All of them have been through the process themselves or were personally trained by Dr. T in her methodology. They all work under her direction.

Whichever you choose, you’ll have a solid support system that understands you fully and completely— maybe for the first time in your life.

Based in wine-country California, Dr. T works with highly-driven Emotionally Sensitive People globally. Many are celebrities, CEOs, athletes and leaders who reside all over the world. However, they have one thing in common: their reactivity and Emotional Sensitivity stops them from living their best life. Chances are, if you’re here, you’re needlessly suffering too.

You don’t have to. The fight can end now.

With Dr. T, your addictions, mental health issues, emotional struggles and physical ailments will disappear because you’ll finally address the root cause in just months, not years.

Turning your Emotional Sensitivity into your greatest strength, you’ll immediately unleash an avalanche of increased influence, health, wealth and power.

Discover The Method That’s
Revolutionizing Emotional Sensitivity

Designed specifically for high-level achievers, Dr. T has created a groundbreaking method for rapid emotional evolution and growth, allowing you to build the emotional foundation for maximum impact.

Accelerating your path to epic emotional strength, The Method allows you accomplish in just months what takes most clinicians, therapists, coaches and recovery experts years to achieve. Addictions are left behind. Weight issues disappear. And your mental, physical and emotional health become bulletproof.

Bursting with confidence and improved performance, this is where highly-driven Emotionally Sensitive People become global visionaries, innovators and thought leaders. This is the Elevated Life.

Whether you prefer accelerated, exclusive attention or an intimate group format, you’ll become the emotionally strongest version of yourself— living the extraordinary life of your dreams.

Stop Reacting
Live An Elevated Life

Break the cycle of self-sabotage in just months rather than the years it takes most clinicians, therapists, recovery experts and coaches to achieve.

Rapidly Wield
The Power Of
Your Emotional

Elevate Your Life With Dr. T Exclusive Private Coaching

Are you highly-driven to make a global contribution, but unable to reach your full potential?

How much MORE impact could you have if unproductive, self-sabotaging emotions didn’t block your path? What kind of world-changing legacy would you build if you could turn emotional stress into unstoppable success?

Find out with this powerful, accelerated emotional program where you’ll harness your emotions effectively, dramatically increasing your power, influence, status productivity, prosperity and peace.

Working exclusively with Emotional Scientist and Psychologist, Dr. T, you’ll experience a fundamental transformational shift in your mental health, body and emotional foundation that literally changes your world.

This customized program is 100% tailored for you so you experience rapid results. Within just months, you’ll permanently eliminate any emotional struggle and create the exact, extraordinary future you want for yourself, your career, your business and family.

Unlocking the full power of your intuition, intelligence and creativity, you’ll experience the limitless rewards of an Elevated Life— and finally create the global impact you’ve always dreamed possible.

Harness The Hidden Power Of Your Emotional Sensitivity

Elevate Your Life VIP Group Coaching

Stop reacting. Start elevating.

As an Emotionally Sensitive Person, your Emotional Sensitivity can propel you to unimaginable heights. It’s also a double-edged sword with a steep price: destructive behaviours, addiction, self-sabotage, missed opportunities and never-ending emotional stress.

Permanently rise from emotional struggles and turn your Emotional Sensitivity into the epic Emotional Strength it really is with this intimate VIP group program.

Under Dr. T’s supervision, you’ll work with an Emotional Sensitivity Coach who’s expertly-trained in her revolutionary psychological framework, transforming you into the emotionally strongest version of yourself.

Groundbreaking and comprehensive, you’ll hone in on the root cause of your Emotional Sensitivity, radically increasing your health, wealth, influence, impact and power— making you unstoppable.

A Message From Dr. T.

Hi I’m Dr. Tracy Thomas, but my clients know me as Dr. T.

I’m the founder and driving force behind The Method, the world’s first Emotional Strength Training for Emotionally Sensitive People.

Having struggled in my own life, I know how debilitating it is to lack emotional strength. If you’re like me, your Emotional Sensitivity means you feel everything intensely.

And no matter how successful you are, as a highly-driven Emotionally Sensitive Person, you’re suffering from the effects of out-of-control emotions. Whether you suppress your feelings, overreact or explode, the cycle of Emotional Sensitivity amplifies stress that overwhelms your system.

This creates countless issues that stop you from living your best life. From addictions, disordered eating, fatigue, distractibility, rage, procrastination, shame, reactivity, panic, leaky gut, dermatitis and more, Emotional Sensitivity left unchecked leads to destructive life patterns and outcomes.

If you suspect you’re an Emotionally Sensitive Person, you’re likely right. It doesn’t matter if you were born sensitive or if you’ve developed sensitivity in this fast-paced world of overstimulation.

Your capacity to fulfill your greatest potential depends on becoming the strongest version of your emotional self. And like me, if you drill down to the source of your Emotional Sensitivity, you’ll find that your nasty symptoms (yes, all of them) will disappear.

Harnessing your emotional strength goes beyond “a stiff upper lip” or “coping” with life’s challenges. It allows you to develop incredible focus so you can direct your intentions with purpose. Free from reacting to the push-and-pull of emotions, you can finally create the life you truly want. Instead of white-knuckling through each day, trying to stay in control, you connect with your true self and tap into your intuition, intelligence, creativity and flow.

Happiness, peace and peak health follow. For me, this meant arriving at a healthy weight for the first time in my life– without the eating disorder that once ruled me. It meant waving goodbye to an autoimmune disorder that previously limited my life. It meant permanently rising above my emotions, living my purpose and reaping the benefits of an elevated life.

And it’s here, available for you.

This is your invitation. No more dysfunction, distraction, frustration or exhaustion. No more instability, self-medication, anxiety or addictions.

No more emotional outbursts and painful outcomes.

Just you. Standing free. Connected and unstoppable. Emerging with the power and authenticity that’s locked within you right now.

Your elevated life awaits.

Dr. Tracy
Stop Reacting
Elevate Your Life

Break the cycle of self-sabotage in just months rather than the years it takes most clinicians, therapists, recovery experts and coaches to achieve.

Forget Coping. Experience A Fundamental
Transformation In Your Emotional Health.

Revolutionize Your Business

Live Your Legacy

Grow Your Power

Grow Your Influence

Thrive As Your Strongest Emotional Self

Stop reacting.
elevate your life.

Break the cycle of self-sabotage in just months rather than the years it takes most clinicians, therapists, recovery experts and coaches to achieve.




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