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emotional sensitivity isn’t a weakness

Emotional Sensitivity isn’t a weakness. When effectively harnessed and combined with drive, Emotionally Sensitive People are some of the most successful and powerful people of all time. They’re the influential contributors who shape the world– if they can rise above the rollercoaster of reactivity. 

In Dr. T’s best-selling books, The Method, The Practical Path to Living Your Purpose and Potential©  and The Total Life Reset Manual she reveals the crucial playbook every highly-driven Emotionally Sensitive Person needs to become their strongest emotional self. Welcome to the elevated life.

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The TLR Manual is ALL of Dr. T’s 7 ebooks in one big, affordable bundle. Whether you are struggling to stay fulfilled in your career, ready to strengthen or redefine your relationships, or need help navigating depression, anxiety, or addiction—this workbook contains over 25 self awareness exercises that add up to 7 weeks of core mindset changes that will completely reset your life. If you are ready for change and looking for something to take you there step-by-step, this is the ultimate wellness resource for you.