What If Your Emotional Sensitivity© Could Skyrocket Your Leadership, Power, Influence And Impact?

Stop Reacting. Elevate Your Life With Epic Emotional Strength©

Elevate Your Life VIP Group Coaching, Training And Support With Dr. T’s Top Emotional Sensitivity© Coach

Do you feel everything deeply, with intense emotional reactions that negatively impact your business, career, relationships, productivity and power?

Stop Your Emotions From Driving Your Life. Turn Your Emotional Sensitivity© Into The Powerful Strength Is Really Is

Most people who feel everything intensely have no idea they have a gift of power, influence, productivity and leadership.
Living with these intense emotions can be incredibly difficult— especially when you’re highly-successful and driven to make an impact.

Although you’re determined to hit your goals, daily life is an emotional war of anxiety, addiction, depression, distraction, anger and hopelessness.

And instead of reaching your goals, it’s an uphill battle just to keep your emotions in-check.

It’s like treading water in the ocean without a lifejacket.

Whether you react to situations without thinking, suppress your feelings or emotionally explode on peers, family and friends, your emotions affect everything.

They literally run your life.

And in this intense emotional state, your career and relationships become nearly impossible to manage— diminishing your productivity, performance and potential.

Although you’re successful on the outside, the emotional rollercoaster becomes overwhelming. Excruciating. Out-of-control.

But you don’t have to live this way.

You’re not weak or defective— you’re Emotionally Sensitive©— and even the best doctors, therapists and coaches don’t know (or even understand) it.

Turn Your Emotional Sensitivity© Into Epic Emotional Strength

Break The Devastating Cycle Of Emotional Sensitivity© In Just Months, Not Years

The Devastating Cost Of Emotional Sensitivity©

Even at the highest levels, unharnessed Emotional Sensitivity© promotes underperformance and underachievement because your time, energy and focus is spent on managing your emotional reactions. This never-ending cycle of self-sabotage eventually becomes:
And eventually, Emotional Sensitivity© leaves a wake of destruction that ruins your life.

Build The Epic Emotional Strength© It Takes To Realize Your Dreams

Unleash New Heights Of Impact And Leadership

Without knowing it, most Emotionally Sensitive© People see their Emotional Sensitivity© as a weakness.

It’s not— it’s actually an incredible gift.

It’s why Emotionally Sensitive© People like you are the planet’s powerful creators— you’re thought-leaders, innovators and visionaries.

And when Emotional Sensitivity© is directed with purpose, it becomes an asset that leads to more success, wealth, influence and power — faster than you ever thought possible.

Build Epic Emotional Strength© With The World’s Pioneer In Emotional Sensitivity©, Dr. T

Take Your Impact And Leadership To New Levels

As the world’s first Emotional Scientist and a Licensed Clinical Psychologist, Dr. T has worked with celebrities, Fortune 500 CEOs, professional athletes and leaders, developing an integrated, comprehensive solution to the challenges of Emotionally Sensitivity©— The Method©.

And now, she’s shared The Method© with her team of top Emotional Sensitivity© Coaches, like Christina Ray.

Whether you’ve tried ineffective conventional therapies or you’ve tried to “get by” by self-medicating or destructive behaviors, this results-driven, intimate group work will fundamentally transform your life.

Coach Christina applies the same, elite level of focus, excellence and expertise to rapidly address the source of your Emotional Sensitivity© so you:

With Coach Christina Ray and The Method©, you’ll accomplish in just months what takes most clinicians, therapists and service providers years to achieve, if at all.

This isn’t a quick-fix. It’s not “coping strategies” that simply target the symptoms of addiction, disordered eating, mental health issues or physical conditions.

This is a core shift in your emotional system that fully transforms your life.

Stop Reacting.
Elevate Your Life.

Break the cycle of self-sabotage in just months rather than the years it takes most clinicians, therapists, recovery experts and coaches to achieve.

Why Does Dr. T’s Elevate Your Life VIP Group Program Work?

Dr. T has pioneered the work on Emotional Sensitivity©.

With 20+ years of experience and expertise in Emotional Sensitivity©, recovery and maximizing human potential, she’s the world’s first Emotional Scientist, a Behavioral Specialist and a Licensed Clinical Psychologist. Dr. T’s extensive clinical training and exceptional track record has successfully strengthened and transformed millions of Emotionally Sensitive© People.

Dr. T is focused on results. And as a long-time apprentice of hers and Dr. T’s right hand person, Emotional Sensitivity© Coach, Christina Ray, brings that same hyper-focus on results to Dr. T’s VIP group. Plus, you’ll enjoy the support from an intimate group of highly-driven Emotionally Sensitive© People like you.

Soaring above reactivity, trauma and stress, you’ll grow the emotional capacity to maximize your influential, power, productivity and peace. You’ll unleash the full scope of your intuition, intelligence and creativity. You’ll elevate your life.

“With Dr. T, I became very clear about what I wanted my life to be, I just had no idea how to make it happen when I always seemed to self-sabotage. By reprogramming all of my emotional sensitivities into strengths, there’s nothing that stops me from meeting my goals anymore. Thank you Dr. T for making me feel unstoppable!”

~ M.B. Real estate broker and entrepreneur

When you’re a guy from a high-profile family with an eating disorder and substance addiction, the word, “shame” doesn’t begin to cover it. I never imagined I could trust someone so deeply, but Dr. T was that person. After years of binging, hangovers, and loneliness, I’m living life now, instead of eating cake every night watching Netflix. Being in control of myself has allowed me to put my energy into what I really want, and now I’m free, I’m high functioning, and I’m focused.” ~ S.H

Stop Reacting.
Elevate Your Life.

Break the cycle of self-sabotage in just months rather than the years it takes most clinicians, therapists, recovery experts and coaches to achieve.

Turn Your Emotional Sensitivity© Into The Gift It Really Is

In Dr. T’s Elevate Your Life VIP Group Program, you’ll experience an integrated, comprehensive solution designed for your unique Emotional Sensitivity©— allowing you to feel connected and empowered with:

Weekly Sessions with Master Coach Christina

You’ll meet with Master Coach Christina for laser-focused sessions that address the root cause of your Emotional Sensitivity©. Using her own expertise and under Dr. Tracy’s care, you’ll quickly tap into the gift of Emotional Sensitivity© and access epic emotional strength. Accelerating your path and breaking the cycle of self-sabotage, you’ll transform.

With a solid emotional foundation, you’ll direct your emotions with intention. You’ll stop reacting. You’ll unleash more energy and productivity. Harnessing your emotions effectively, you’ll experience the influence, power and peace that comes with an elevated life.

A Total Health Transformation

Emotionally Sensitive© People like you often suffer from health conditions that manifest from your sensitivity without knowing it. From allergies to weight issues to gastrointestinal upset and autoimmune conditions, unharnessed Emotional Sensitivity© creates unbearable physical damage.

If you’re like most Emotionally Sensitive© People, you’ve chased specialists and wasted thousands of dollars (and years of your life) with health service providers who prescribe band-aid solutions for symptoms. They don’t address the root cause, leaving you to suffer a never-ending cycle of life-altering ailments.

With The Method©, you’ll receive full attention to the emotional patterns underneath every health issue. Using numerous evaluations and assessments through the lens of Emotional Sensitivity©, you’ll finally move beyond surface-level strategies and ineffective “quick-fixes.”

By combining this approach with her comprehensive program, you’ll strengthen your “emotional immune system,” which can solve most, if not all, sensitivity-related conditions. It’s one of the greatest gifts of an elevated life.

Access To The World’s Only Emotional Strength Training Library©

Even though you’ll be working with Dr. T’s top Emotional Sensitivity© Coach, Christina Ray, you’ll also gain access to the Emotional Strength Training Library© which delivers over 125 hours of transformational training modules.

This jam-packed resource of exercises, transformational techniques and tools are yours to accelerate your emotional strength on your own, outside of private sessions. Always growing, with well over 100 hours of breakthrough exercises, you’ll have a step-by-step roadmap to emotional mastery at your fingertips.

A Private Facebook Group For Community Connection

As a VIP Group client, you’ll have exclusive access to our private Facebook Community of highly-driven Emotionally Sensitive© People like you.

A consistent source of support, it’s a place to continually educate yourself about Emotional Sensitivity© and become the emotionally strongest version of yourself possible. This is where you’ll become the expert you’ve always needed and the source of your power for the rest of your life.

Stop Reacting.
Elevate Your Life.

Break the cycle of self-sabotage in just months rather than the years it takes most clinicians, therapists, recovery experts and coaches to achieve.

Emotional Sensitivity© doesn’t have to be a weakness— it can be the asset that launches your dreams. It can be a gift of influence, impact and power.

You can unlock the full capacity of your intelligence, intuition and creativity. You can unleash your full potential. You can finally use your Emotional Sensitivity© as the epic strength it really is— one that redefines industries, transforms thought, and changes lives.

You can live life exactly the way you want, without settling in any area.

That’s what happens when you live the Elevated Life©. You emerge strong, resilient, unstoppable.

When your automated reactions are replaced with intentions, you can literally change the world. Will you?

Stop Reacting.
Elevate Your Life.

Break the cycle of self-sabotage in just months rather than the years it takes most clinicians, therapists, recovery experts and coaches to achieve.